Best 7 Most Affordable, Accredited Online Colleges


Cheap schools come to school with their children, but it is not a list of…  All schools listed here are the virtues of content available, and the nature of the chosen site and the students simple. It’s easy, and they provide training leaders of character!


Based on 1997, the university’s motto Western Pastoral from the Internet. Okay, quick. Earrings. Recognize. The award-winning global headquarters based on 19 regional states, WGU is a good choice for your online education. University of the West governor, you can get a degree in stinging and one of their four universities, including teaching education, entrepreneurship, information technology and the nature of work, including life for the elderly.


  • The Northwest Authorize on Schooling and institutes
  • Responsibility for nursing school Collegiate
  • National Congress for approval of teacher training

Fees: Student petition: $65

The school law or the watch is obligatory for transportation and there is a procedure for admission.


A national organization established in 1902 by the University College of Fort Hays State and FHSU four colleges that compromise work and organization, training and technology, art, science & the health and Science of life. Altogether there are 30 departments of the four blocks and do a 60 degree major more than 19 majors and for students who graduate.


  • North Central University School, the role of higher education
  • Responsibility for nursing school Collegiate
  • National Council for approval of teacher training
  • Association of national-language-listening America, assembly on scholarly approval in Audiogram and the language of the speech pathology
  • Review Committee meeting to study Radiologist technology
  • The National Union, educate of music, Commission on approval, Board on
  • Society/Junior College approval

Price: Undergraduate Search status: $30 fee application

The register: 11.457 and 13.310 of undergraduate

Answer rate: 81%


Trying to keep certification of 1928, online students can be convinced that the courses at Murray State University are well made and are close has. Students learn from teachers only on the Internet teaching medical staff. You can also rely on the counselors in school to support the attention and dedication of the students in the state of Murray, as academic experts.


  • Southern Union of Colleges and Schools
  • Approving Engineering & Technology body
  • Journalism and Multimedia Education Council
  • Approval program is shown by military health
  • Liability College Nursing School
  • National Training Council for Approving teachers
  • Approval of a fellow at the Mariners window Business School

Answer rate: 90%

Rate of graduation: 54%


It is one of the highest ranked schools in the country’s online school and offers cheap School Award, Papua. The work of consultants, teachers, and professionals in the field is stable, profitable online, and responds to their work requirements, which is not running in life. Students can choose 190 people from Bachelor, graduation and certification programs!


  • Northern University and School Association
  • Range and Training Committee
  • High-Education Certification Committee
  • US Education Ministry
  • Business School Committee and Certificate
  • Responsibility for nurses at colleges and universities
  • Management of human resources
  • US Sports Training Program
  • National Sporting Medicine Institute
  • National Protection Agency
  • National Family Relations Commission

The register: 98.400

Answer rate: 100%

Percentage of graduation: 47%


Established in 1960, California State University at Dominguez Hills gives enemies BA degree, 45 of the degree and type of 17 teaching certificates. The CSU doctor degrees.


  • Western Union Schools and colleges
  • Borrowing commissions for faculties and universities
  • American Therapeutic Association
  • Medical Faculty Examination certification recommendations
  • National Association of Music Schools
  • Approval Committee
  • Community Approval Committee and JR
  • National Theatre and Certification board
  • National Teacher Approval Board

Cost: learning to live: $50

The register: 13.933 and 11.503 of undergraduate


The private universities and the Christian Freedom University in Lam are linked to the tenure of the World Evangelical Christian University and the largest University of Virginia. This freedom will have more than 160 certified postgraduate courses, including contributors, bachelors, Masters, doctorates, and terms of office. Using this method to get 8 weeks, you have aviation, corporate, business and management, criminal law, education, engineering, nursing, legal work, and many others.


  • Association of the Southern College
  • The accreditation body of the US Orthopacian Association.
  • Responsibility for nursing school Collegiate
  • National Assembly for approval of teacher training

Payments: Once payment application: $50. Cost of graduation: $100

The register: 74.372 and 46.133 of undergraduate


Located in the state of Wyoming, the Wyoming State University was founded in 1886 years. Science, Engineering and Applied Science, commerce, education, law, agriculture, and natural resources, and art and science. Wyoming State University, 30 years old.

Knowledge: North Central College Association and School, the role of higher education


  • Proposals on education in Pharmacists
  • Admission to the Union of Lawyers of the American Bar, legal and Educational Committee
  • America’s Psychological Union, the Committee’s certification
  • The American Language Union, the hearing and the speech of pathological linguistic credentials.
  • The responsibility of students in hospital schools
  • National Music School Union, Approval Committee, Social/Junior Committee for college credentials
  • The Training Committee in the National master

Fees: Undergraduate application: $40

The register: 12.903 with 10.194 of undergraduate